Compassion is Our Strength: Steps for Change

Private School Pups was founded by a group of people passionate about dogs. To some, dogs are just meant to be enjoyed by humans at their leisure. Sadly, when these humans begin to get bored or disinterested in their dog, the humans give up, or even kill, the dog once loved.

Private School Pups aims to change that with your help.

Best said by Mahatma Gandhi, “The greatest of nations can be judge by the way its animals are treated.” We also believe this is true, as dogs and animals cannot protect or speak up for themselves, leaving their entire existence in the hands of those around them. Similar to children, the elderly, or even disabled, dogs need human friends to step up and do what’s in their best interest - even when it’s hard or inconvenient. Our willingness and ability to stay committed to dogs and other life in need is the foundation of empathy and caring as a society. If someone is willing to neglect or turn a blind eye to dog abuse, they will certainly be able, maybe even willing, to do the same for other dependent members of society. The willingness to hurt such innocent things is an indicator of something much more troubling. Our society has tried to reinforce the need for empathy of all kinds, which is why there are various laws prohibiting the torture, abuse, and killing of various animals, and why all the world’s major religions call on humans to show compassion towards all animals.

All this said, we live in society that still deems is appropriate to over breed dogs for financial gain. A society that allows the euthanasia of dogs for requested, preventable and/or treatable causes. A society that too often turns a blind eye to the abuse dogs must suffer even at infant ages, while expecting them to be well adjusted, perfect pets in the future.

So to change our society’s current situation, we need your help - the dogs need your help. We can all start today by taking a few first steps:

  1. End puppy mills: E-mail or call your legislator TODAY and tell them want puppy mills closed down permanently, and ask them how them plan to make that happen. Here is a link to help you find your local legislator:

  2. ADOPT! If you are looking at adding a new member to your family, adopt! You can go to your local shelter and find a VERY loving dog looking for a home. There is also a large network of foster agencies that can help place you with an adoptable dog. There are so many options in adoptable dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. I promise you with adoption, you will not be disappointed.

  3. Support the cause any way you can. Even if you haven’t adopted, you can still support the efforts to promote adoption and support the your communities efforts in reducing/eliminating euthanasia rates! You can talk about the problem with friends and family members and encourage them to adopt, teach your children about the proper treatment of pets, volunteer to walk dogs at the local shelter, become a dog foster parent, or donate (every bit counts) to rescues and other animal advocacy programs.

Private School Pups is committed to helping your efforts and that of the community by providing training funds to dogs who need it the most. Additionally, we will share as much information as we can to help those making to look a difference for the dogs in their community.

Compassion is the strength of our society and together we can make a difference for all, starting by saving one dog at a time.