Set your dog up for success when introducing him/her into your family by learning dog body language and dog-to-dog introductions.

About this Event

Planning to bring a new dog into your home? Come learn how to introduce your dog into your family with less stress and worry. When you understand the nuances of body language, and how to set up introductions to meet the needs of the dogs, you will feel more confident and those introductions will go better. Even seasoned pros can still learn a trick or two!

This donation-based training provided by Heather from Delighted Dog Training in partnership with Private School Pups charity. Tickets are FREE for all, donations are welcome. All monies donated will provide training for dogs at-risk of euthanasia in Ohio.

About the Training

This training will give both volunteers and professionals handlers the information they need to help make bringing their new friends home a success. This training will cover getting your new dog settled into their new routine, the basics of dog body language, and dog-to-dog introductions. So come join us and crack the code of what your dog is saying to you all day long!

Who Should Attend This Training

This training session is great for:

  • Dog foster parents

  • Those who have recently adopted a dog

  • Those looking to adopt in the future

  • Dog Rescue volunteers and staff

  • Shelter Volunteers and staff

About The Trainer

Heather Luedecke has been a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant in the Central Ohio area since 2013. She is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

Heather worked in shelter/rescue from 2007 to 2016, primarily as the Ohio Representative for Italian Greyhound Rescue. She currently works with rescues in the area who promote rewards-based training, and address the behavior needs of their foster dogs. Inappropriate social behaviors make up most of Heather’s case load.

About Private School Pups Charity

We are a 501(c)(3) charity providing grants for training and education to fosters and adopters of rescues from local shelters that require a need for guided and/or professional training.

All donations from this event will go providing training for dogs in need of recue from local Ohio shelters.